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Dear Member,

As the President, I am so proud of the Chamber’s accomplishments and the important role we play in supporting and helping both business delegates visiting from Turkey, as well as American companies, to explore the opportunities in Turkey. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities the future will bring for the communities and businesses which the Chamber serves.

Since I assumed my position, I must proudly share with you that there has been more than a 65% increase in our membership. This is a reflection of how supportive our community is.

Your Chamber membership not only entitles you to our direct benefits and services for your business, it opens doors to establish new relationships for the development of your business and the formation of partnerships through our on-going networking events. This is what the Chamber is about – building relationships. Our Chamber will continue its commitment to support our businesses and communities. By working together to create a successful and goal oriented business climate, we can move forward and sustain our leadership.

The Chamber serves a diverse audience of citizens, including representatives from all segments of the business community and organizations. This includes individual entrepreneurs to large corporations.  It provides leadership and resources to businesses and organizations and acts as a catalyst for advancing commercial and industrial relations between Turkey and the United States.

It is very important that you attend our events and activities. This will increase our confidence and energy to work harder in order to make this organization more successful. Please share with me your comments and provide us the list of activities and services that you would like us to provide. Email me at:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued support. It has been my great pleasure to serve you.


Ali Koçak, Ph.D.


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